A Safe Place to Tell Your Story


Intimate Partner Violence affects more than 12 million people each year.

Women are disproportionately impacted.

                                        National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey cdc.gov

The media has become saturated with reports of sexual violence, date rape, gang rape and the like.  Intimate Partner Sexual Violence awareness is becoming more prevalent.  Sexual violence is widespread.  Statistics are being released that 13 million women were raped during 2009 alone.

81% of women who experienced rape, stalking or physical violence by an intimate partner deal with short and long term effects related to their experiences.

One statistic that still remains hidden is the report of sexual violence by spouses.  Shame, stigma, denial and fear keep these incidents from being reported.

Many women carry the impact of this type of violence and struggle with the effects not knowing how to get help.

Society has not yet chosen to believe these stories forcing victims to keep their secrets, and struggle on their own.  They are too afraid of judgment by others, ashamed and humiliated, thinking they are to blame, they must have been willing, and they must have been weak.

On the Write is designed as a safe haven for those who have suffered any type of sexual or domestic violence to share their stories.

 Here you have someone to tell who understands, who listens and who believes.

I sit in this circle of chairs in my  tailored gray pin-striped business suit, my Sergio Rossi sling-back pumps and  my Tommy Hilfiger handbag on my lap tucked up against my hips,  among women who barely wear makeup or style their hair.  All of us with our arms folded and shoulders drooping; I with my ankles wrapped around the cold steel legs, as if to fetter myself to keep me from bounding out the door.  I’m listening, but I never say a word.  It’s my third visit and still I can’t utter a single word; but I will leave this time carrying a heavier burden than when I walked in; a burden that will ultimately lead me on the path to healing.

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