Darkness in Dallas

Anger resides in the dark tight corners of the heart, penetrating its walls to seep slowly into the souls of men.  Evil stalks the alleyways and hidden corridors within, lingering among the shadows alert to the tiniest morsels to feed upon.

Guarded, and at constant battle, men struggle to maintain the shackles that keep the anger at bay.  They filter their thoughts, analyze their emotions and avoid the knee-jerk responses to off-the-cuff remarks society dishes out on a daily basis.  Their ongoing attempts to starve the evil that lurks are ever competing with the barrage of incoming attacks on their souls.

Today’s media repeatedly launches fuel for evil to feed upon.   Cellphone alerts, Twitter feeds, breaking news, social media demagogues, and political agendas all engulf society with a constant barrage of reasons to hate.

Whatever control men think they have at keeping their anger at bay and away from the evil that consumes it is lost in the flood of indecencies,divisive atmospheres,   heinousness and injustices that inundate our news, our society and our communities.  The pain and grief that penetrate from these scenes, from these victims and ultimately enter our own soul, only feed the anger that men have chained deep within.

What role do we all play in feeding the evil that leads to extreme acts borne of an anger-fed society?


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