“I’m sorry no one told you”, cont’d

I’m sorry no one told you that no matter how “frustrating” he tells you that you are, you should not give in to his insistence that you have sex with him on the water bank in broad daylight in front of the couple you just met at the lake while fishing.

No one, especially someone who claims to love you, shoud expect that of you or try to make you feel guilty by trying to blame you for their frustrations. It’s another way he manipulated you by trying to make you feel bad about yourself when you tried to choose the right path, as though you were too much of a prude or unwilling to try new things.

I’m sorry you didn’t know well enough that you were right and he was absolutely wrong.

I’m sorry that he knew how to take control by making sure you were in a position where you had to rely on him for safety, by taking you to one of the remotest parts of the lake, out in the middle of the Nevada desert where only he had the car keys and only he knew the way back to town.

I know at the time, it felt like he was being romantic, taking you to his special place, but he knew he’d have the upper hand. It’s who he is and he’s good at knowing how to put himself in a position of power, all the while making it seem as though he’s treating you special.



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