“That’s not the way God designed it.”   These are the words that began my change; the change from Christy, the naïve young girl, mother of two, submissive and compliant, to Christine, the confident adult woman empowered and determined.

As founder of On Your Path, I wanted to create a place to release my passionate voice and to create a venue for victims, survivors and loved ones to share their strengths and have their voices heard.  On your Path is a safe place where victims of intimate partner sexual abuse can come together, have their stories heard and be believed.

Here, we encourage you to post, share and get involved, or simply sit, observe and listen.  We recognize that no one who has encountered domestic abuse of any kind is weak.  If you choose to stay, choose to leave, choose to get help or choose to keep things to yourself, we recognize your strength in whatever your situation.

You will find that we limit any reference to the term victim.  We want everyone to understand the strength it takes to endure abuse, the strength it takes to move through each day, doing our best to create the most normal life we can create. We understand the strength it takes to choose to change and the strength it takes to endure the after-effects.   We are here to help the world understand that people living with intimate partner sexual abuse, domestic abuse and the traumatic after-effects are some of the strongest people on the planet.

These words- That’s not the way God designed it- were a catalyst empowering a change, a choice to make things different.  Living in a world of fear, humiliation and degradation, I knew in my heart that God didn’t design love the way I was living it.

No act of love involves fear, pain, humiliation or shame. Love through coercion, emotional manipulation, fear or force is not love.


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